EUROBALKAN – Association for Research and Development is a non-governmental and non-profit association, founded in 2017, to achieve goals in the fields of business, education and culture. Our intention is to join and support initiatives aimed at improving business, education and culture, as well to contribute in their networking, in Serbia and other countries of the Balkans region according to the values, standards and practice of the EU.


Stabilization conditions and development creative forms of cooperation throughout the Balkans, requires undertaking research on the position and possibilities of developing private entrepreneurship and public-private partnership, through project development, knowledge dissemination and linking potential partners to the real, infrastructural, financial and sector of service of the Serbian economy and individual countries of the Region.


Education is becoming a key factor in overall social and economic development. Increasing level of general education in Serbia and the Region, and adjustment education system to the contemporary labor market requirements, is in the interest of both employers and employees. That is especially important in modernization Serbian economy and economy of the countries of the Region; harmonization with the standards and practice of developed EU countries; and leading contemporary education policy through implementing a model of “dual education” and lifelong learning.


In the existing conditions characterized by rigid differences among religious communities and ethnic groups in Serbia and the Region, there is no enough space for reducing tensions, achieving significant improvements regarding business collaboration, and liberating abundance of creative energy which originates from the diverse cultural heritage. Overcoming rigid ethnic differences requires spreading knowledge about richness in diversity of traditional customs and different ways of thinking belonging to the region of Balkans. That mission – overcoming rigid ethnic and religious differences among communities – implies a transition from the culture of opposite differences to the culture of integration, improvement, and interweaving cultural heritage of this area.