President Slavenko Grgurević, PhD

Slavenko Grgurević is retired professor of Economics at the University of Belgrade and retired Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of Economic Sciences, Belgrade.

  • Expert, Associate and Head of Project in the field of strategic development, energy, environment and sustainable development – UNESCO, OECD, UNEP, GEF Council – New York, CEC, DG 17 – Brussels , System International Foundation (Club of Rome) Budapest, International Institute for Applied System Analysis – Laxenburg, Vienna, Russian Academy of Science, Siberian Energy Institute-Irkutsk.
  • Member of Energy Division ECE (Geneva), Steering Committee, Sustainable Energy Development.
  • Member of Executive International Union for Property Owners (Brussels), one of the oldest European lobbying association for protection of owners’ property interest.
  • Former Vice-President of the Serbian Association of Employers and member of the Managing Board of the Pension Fund of Serbia.
  • Former President of the League for the Protection of Private Property and Human Rights (Geneva-Paris-Belgrade) and Coordinator NGO Cooperation Council for Serbia and Montenegro.
  • In 2000 awarded a medal for NGO sector development in Serbia and Montenegro – World Peace Community Action Award (USA).
  • Published over 120 scientific papers in the country and abroad.