This project is financed by the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria - Presidency of the Council of the EU 2018

EU, SERBIA, AND THE WESTERN BALKANS: Implementation of European Values and  Standards – Rule of Law and Good Neighbor Relations


In the circumstances of intensifying European initiative and Euro-Atlantic integration of the Western Balkans countries – EU candidate countries, strengthening the influence of their neighbors – EU member countries, is a crucial in order to stabilize conditions in the Region and create opportunities for a higher level of mutual understanding, trust and regional cooperation.

Relying only on incentives and direct help from the central European institutions, without own regional initiatives and cooperation – "investing in self", the process of implementing European values, standards and practices, as well as Euro-Atlantic integration, will be difficult to sustain. In addition to that, raising the general level of economic and social development, rule of law and institution building (private property protection, independent judiciary and the absence of political and other privileges) are in direct interest of the Western Balkans countries themselves, and the acceptance of EU security institutions and policies, is an elementary requirement for efficient dimensioning of the strategic problems of the Region (terrorism, migration, crime and corruption).

Creation of institutional conditions for business linking, interweaving and improvement of educational and cultural patterns (human rights and minority rights) such as in the EU and the USA, is a way to strengthen the democratic atmosphere, good neighbor relations and overall stabilization of the Region. The experience of the EU member countries in the neighborhood, is valuable for all Western Balkans countries, and examples of good practice of the Republic of Bulgaria, and good neighbor relations between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Serbia, can serve as a valid basis for further enhancing their cooperation, as well as example for other countries of the Western Balkans on the way to higher levels of cooperation and unification.


The main objective of the project is Europeanization of the Western Balkans – support to the strict implementation of values, standards and practices of developed EU countries and the USA, in fields of rule of law and good neighbor relations, through development of private entrepreneurship, education and culture, with a special emphasis on Serbia.

Then, rising the capacity of regional, self-sustaining cooperation (investing in self) through research, and development institutions dealing with human rights protection, especially minority rights in fields of entrepreneurship, education and culture.

Development good neighbor relations (cross-border cooperation, free flow of people and capital) using example of good practice of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Serbia, that represents a valid basis for the spread of European ideas, standards and practices in the Western Balkans.


Research on the conditions and opportunities in the fields of entrepreneurship, education and culture in Serbia, as well as their influence on development of good neighbor collaboration and integration processes in the Region.

Creation representative publication on the content and reach of the project.